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Sturla Vows to Continue Fighting for Abortion Access

Today is a dark day for all Americans who value a woman's right to make private personal decisions about pregnancy and parenthood. No politician should have the authority to outlaw safe abortion as an option for pregnant women. Yet today's Supreme Court ruling does just that. More than half of states are poised to make abortion illegal – even in cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest and even when the pregnancy threatens a woman's life. 


The Republican majority controlling the Pennsylvania General Assembly has vowed to join these States, raising the stakes for the November election higher than ever. This unprecedented overreach into the personal lives of all Americans is the start of a dangerous slippery slope of extremism. It is dangerous for women and families and just plain wrong.


My position on this issue has been clear, consistent, and unambiguous. I will continue supporting and fighting for a woman's right to choose, as I always have. I will fight to ensure access to safe and legal abortion in Pennsylvania. And I will fight like hell for those rights as your State Representative.


With so much at stake, voters must ask candidates up and down the ballot where they stand on access to legal abortion within the parameters established by Roe vs. Wade. As the Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidate in the November 8 election for the 96th Legislative District, I am proud to stand up for the right to choose. Respect for women, privacy, and moral decision-making demand nothing less. 


The fight isn't over. It's just beginning.


I ask you to join this fight by supporting me with your vote on November 8.   

Mike Sturla

State Representative

96th District of Pennsylvania

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